The Milestone Foundation

The Milestone Foundation

The Milestone Foundation is a registered charity established in 2013. It underpins a series of social initiatives and leverages the group’s expertise to maximise value; whilst adding social value.

Our Apprenticeship Programme

As part of our ongoing commitment to the local community and encouraging young people in to work, Milestone has created a programme to employ apprentices. The programme has been set up to not only help talented people break into industry but to be mentored and learn from some of the best who can offer a wealth of experience across a variety of disciplines.

Assisting our community

We believe digital media and technology have a huge role to play in the future of our local communities and society as a whole. As a provider of digital solutions, we are committed to using the technologies we develop to provide solutions that improve communication and collaboration within the community.

As part of this we:

  • Partner with community groups to understand their needs and how technology can assist them in developing and delivering with greater impact
  • Develop new products that aim to address collaboration in the community to help promote child safety and build safer neighbourhoods.

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