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Introducing Alchemy

The Foundation launches its new PR and fundraising platform.

The Milestone Foundation is excited to announce that our new fundraising platform Alchemy has now been released.

Alchemy is a digital platform created in collaboration with Milestone Group PLC. It has been designed to raise the public's awareness of our activities whilst providing fundraising capabilities for the Foundation and our partners. The collective impact of which will make us more effective in our mission to educate and empower young people.

Alchemy allows its users to give to charitable causes as a result of a purchase, donation or crowdfund contribution.

Alchemy users can buy and download from an extensive and growing library of over 40 million songs, 90,000 films, 100 internet TV channels, 300,000 TV programmes, 1.4 million apps and games and 2.7 million ebooks in the knowledge that a percentage of each sale will go towards funding for the Foundation's initiatives.

In addition, users can donate to a range of promoted initiatives and crowdfunding programmes for community projects they feel inspired by.

We believe that Alchemy provides a solution to some of the existing funding challenges faced by our partners and ourselves.

Divert, which is run by the Metropolitan Police Service with our support, is the first charitable programme to take advantage of Alchemy's crowdfunding capabilities. The programme aims to divert young adults aged between 18 to 25 away from repeat offending and towards gainful employment where their particular skills and passions can be utilised.

As well as connecting consumers to charities in these new and exciting ways, Alchemy will also provide remarkable benefits to our members and partners through cross promotion, networking events and workshops.